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Individual Rekenreks... One per student!

Although Rekenreks are available for purchase in various places, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money in order for your kids to benefit from the Rekenrek!

I use Rekenreks with my students in methodology classes every semester, as well as with teachers professional development settings, and with children in classrooms.  I have never purchased a commercial Rekenrek!   All of my work with the Rekenrek has been done with a simple piece of cardboard, string, and a few beads.  It is a shame when young learners cannot benefit from the power of manipulatives because of the expenses involved in purchasing them.  Not so with this book!

If you are interested in ordering a set of Rekenreks for your school or classroom, you may do so as you place your order.  The cost is $2 per Rekenrek.  

You don't need to spend $300 on a classroom set of Rekenreks!  

I believe that the Rekenrek is the most important math manipulative we currently have available for young learners, and I want as many of our young children using them as possible.  A $2 dollar investment for each student in your class will pay back hundreds of times in terms of the confidence and number sense your children will be developing as they explore the many interesting mathematical concepts they see in their own Rekenrek.  

Interested in ordering Rekenreks?  Or the book?